The Bibliophile: What Kind Of Reader Are You?

We just read the Atlantic Wire’s “What Kind of Reader Are You?” and, after laughing at our own expense, finally come to terms with who we are as readers.  What kind of readers are The Afro-Librarians?

She, as a child, was a “Cross-Under Reader”.  She was often told that her reading selections were “too adult” but rebelled (If sneaking books into the house can be considered rebellion) by reading them anyway.  As an adult, she is classified as a “Chronological Reader” who has yet to find a method to her madness.

He is a classic “Book Buster”.  His home is filled with books and he takes pleasure in both his traditional and non-traditional bookshelves.  His love of books is physically evident as most of the books he owns are heavily underlined, highlighted and dog-eared.  Suffice it to say that he loves his books to death.

Check out the article and identify yourself.  What kind of reader are you?


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2 responses to “The Bibliophile: What Kind Of Reader Are You?

  1. Hahaha, I’m a book-buster!

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