About the Afro-Library

We are lovers of literature and especially passionate about works of the African diaspora.  We created this site as a unique space to share our thoughts, ideas and opinions on African, Afro-American, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro-European literary works. We open our library to you and hope that this online community will inspire you to re-examine classic works of the African diaspora and also discover new ones.

We post everything from book club-esque reviews and recommendations to analytical pieces that address and, at times, re-invent the Afro-literary canon. But mostly, we open our dialogue to you as a space to share your insights.

We welcome avid readers, writers and everyone in between – including those who do not (yet!) know much about Afro-literary works.

Inside the Afro-library:

“What We’re Reading” – These posts are not book reviews; rather, they function as a space for us to share what is currently capturing our attention.  Feel free to share your thoughts  on these books in the comment section or simply tell us what you are currently reading.

“The Bibliophile” – In case it isn’t obvious, we are obsessed with books.  These posts, pulled from a variety of online sources, capture our unhealthy love of literature.

“The Philosopher’s Corner” – Our resident philosopher explains his views on Afro-literary works. These pieces contribute to the genre by presenting new paradigms and redefining existing concepts.

“For Lovers, Readers and Me” – Consider this segment an ode to Afro-lit.  Here we reflect on texts within the genre that have had a lasting or profound impact on us. We discuss old favorites and explore talented new comers to the literary scene.

“The Writer’s Block” – In the hopes of expanding discourse, this segment is dedicated to those who contribute or aspire to contribute to the genre.

Come often!

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2 responses to “About the Afro-Library

  1. Sounds wonderful. A pleasure to meet you all. You are most welcome to visit my blog whenever you get the time. 🙂

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